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hey y'all. so…i just wanted to drop in and say hello and apologize for the silence that's been happening over here. i know i know i know -- i saw that a lot. blah. we've just been extra busy over here with camps and driving around. i plan on posting some stuff up this weekend before my trip to california (i also plan on sharing while i'm out there). hope everyone is having an amazing week. on the run tour tomorrow! :) haha.

houston zoo.


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today micah and i decided to take ronin to the houston zoo for the first time in over a year (i think). to be totally honest you guys...the zoo is such a double edge sword for me. if you know me, you probably already know that i'm a huge animal lover and where i stand when it comes to the circus and sea world. i know zoos before the 20th century were made up of iron bars and showed only the "interesting" animals. i remember growing up i would be so baffled by how small the living situation was for all the animals and how depressed i would feel leaving certain zoos. i know that there are still zoos that are still absolutely horrible and just money hungry (i'm not naive) but i also know that there are zoos that have expanded their areas to help these endangered animals and truly do care the way any person in that industry (actually how humans should care for animals in general) should. i think certain animals can't deal with certain climates and shouldn't hang around in certain zoos because of it (ex: elephants shouldn't hang out in the freezing cold states). i could sit here all day and talk about this but i didn't intend for this post to be about my thoughts on the zoo. i just have had a lot on my heart when it comes to certain organizations. i do plan on going in-depth with this topic, though. like i said in the beginning, i am definitely on the fence when it comes to zoos. if only we lived in a perfect world, but we don't. these animals have to deal with poachers and hunters whole kill them for trophy's. we live in an unkind world and these animals need protection and help. the circus is horrible; they abuse their animals and then make them perform. don't even get me started on sea world. orca whales and dolphins do NOT need to be stuck in a small chlorinated tank. these animals basically travel miles a day in the wild etc etc etc. ok, i'll shut up and finish up on a later date.

ugh. sorry for the downer post. haha. i mean, i think everyone should educate themselves more, but i did not plan to write all that. haha. whoops. on another note, we actually had an amazing time at the zoo. we learned that the zoo is currently expanding certain exhibits (again). ronin loved looking at the elephants, feeing the giraffes during their feeding time, the fishes, and lion. we had a successful family day…even though it was blazing hot outside. haha.

**side note: sorry if i seemed all over the place. i talk "all over the place" and tend to fumble my words a lot when i get all passionate about things. haha. so…i'm sorry if reading this post was a bit confusing for you. i'm trying to be better with explaining my views and finding the write words without shutting down (if that makes sense). i'll get better.**



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gosh. i love this sweet free spirited boy of mine. ronin is swimming like a fish. i mean, he has gotten so strong with his breathing technique and "ice scream" scoops. it's so awesome to witness. :) ronin is such a fearless child (it can be kind of scary at times) and because of this "fearlessness" we decided to put him in some swim lessons. to our surprise, this kid actually knew how to swim a lot better than we thought. haha. if you follow me on instagram then you got to see a little sneak peek of his swimming skills. i plan on posting the whole video tomorrow. so…stay tuned y'all. ;)

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