my sweet fam bam.


us photo 7071e2bf-5af7-42fc-9783-dd0c617d42c1_zpsdc15c020.jpg least i can say that i tried with this photo. haha. i know i say this a lot but i really love my family more than words can describe. i mean, do you see that man with the glasses? i'm kind of obsessed with him. haha. that man is my everything, my best friend...the love of my life. then there's ronin and well, we all know how i feel about that little guy. he's currently a total train wreck right now but, boy do i love him to pieces. nylon, she's just nylon. haha. she's just the sweetest thing. aka: best dog ever. once again, i am beyond blessed to be able to call this my fam bam.

two things: 1. so sorry for the lack of posts. my charger finally died on me and didn't think to use my moms computer till now. smh. 2. if you follow me on twitter then you probably witnessed my mini rant on there. i'm sorry i went off on there and i promise to explain all that word vomit. haha. it's pretty exciting and scary all at the same time.

best friends.


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you see that little boy on the right? he would tell you that his best friend is that sweet little pup on the left. now, would she say the same about him? mmm…yes. haha. she may act like she doesn't like him some days, but to be honest, that's just a front. nylon is around him 90% of the time and constantly bugging him to play. she never leaves his side. in fact, she's always right by him while he plays outside. fun fact alert: i grew up playing outside with my dog baby and well, it's fun/nice doing the same with ronin. i love the fact that i can stay in the kitchen or breakfast area (keeping an eye on them at all times, of course - we have windows everywhere) and letting them play alone outside. *gasp* this doesn't happen on the regular, but it's what we do from time to time and they are always being supervised. ronin is normally just running around or playing in the dirt and nylon, well, she just lays there…watching over him.

my favorite season/s is finally here; i absolutely love spring and summer. i love being outdoors in the sun, swimming, playing in the dirt, hiking, etc. it's the absolute best and soooo refreshing. remember me saying this when it reaches 100°+ in like a month. haha.



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ohmygoodness you sweet little man dime is THREE now. i still can't believe that i'm a mama to a three year old. shoot, there are days that i look at ronin and still can't believe i'm a mama at all. being a mama has been the greatest gift and best thing that has ever happened to me. there are plenty of days that this little boy tests me beyond what i can handle but i honestly wouldn't have it any other way. ronin pushes me to be better, to dig into my soul and see things outside the box. his love his raw, pure, unconditional, and sweet. i know that sounds a bit weird, but i makes sense to me. i get it because that's the love i have towards him. ronin's strong willed soul is what saved my life and helped shape me into the woman/mother i am today. i love being your mama, ronin. i love it SO much and so beyond excited for year number 3. happiest birthday, sweet boy. i love you more than you will ever know and/or could understand.

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