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hey y'all - please click HERE to navigate to my new blog (i haven't posted anything yet but will soon). i am currently trying to transfer all my posts but who knows if i'll be able to figure that out. anywho, i'll be putting this blog on private soon so add my blog and bookmark it or if you have bloglovin please click this and ADD ME. so glad to finally have my new domain up. it's been a pretty frustrating two weeks trying to get this all figured out and working. wordpress is a bitch but so thankful to have awesome people helping me out with it.

things you say.


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i have a little notebook in the back of my closet that i go to every now and then to add words or (my favorite) phrases you say. to be totally honest, i don't know why i didn't start this post sooner (on the blog) but better late than never, right? here are some of my favorite words and phrases you are currently saying.

1. not right now -- i'm bee-zee
2. just 20 more minutes, mommy
3. roll out
4. i need it
5. we need to get in the car and go to target
6. gimme knucks
7. ah…mosquito
8. i like you
9. transform
10. i'm bubblebee

currently // august.


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andddd here we are again -- another month under our belt. i mean, august, really? we're already saying hello to august? haha. back to school is seriously around the corner. how did that even happen? wow.

watching: grey's anatomy. we are slowly moving along with this show (season 6). once we're done with this we'll start breaking bad and house of cards. eeek. i also like watching "trashy" reality shows -- they're the absolute bestttt.

listening to: *click clacks* of my keyboard, grey's anatomy, and frozen (on ronin's ipad).

thinking: this month -- full of excitement. i get to go to galveston and stay in a hotel with my little tribe for the weekend (this coming weekend), museums this week with the little man, blue bell, new york to visit one of my best friends, and maybe austin for labor day weekend. i'm still thinking about our living situation with all the fun to be had this month, though. as much as i LOVE living with my family -- i am just ready for our fam bam to have a new place to live. so beyond ready for the next chapter of our lives. oh, and babies. i keep thinking about babies. there's other stuff that i have on my mind, but being the person that i am -- i'm pushing that allllll back for right now.

reading: nothing. blah. i really need to start 50 shades of grey. smh. i really need to start reading again. this is beginning to be super pathetic.

making me happy: like always, my family and friends. i am beyond blessed to have such amazing people in my life -- beyond blessed. the sun has always made me happy. water. i am such a water baby. water makes me happy. going on vacation -- with friends and family. micah makes me happy. that kid is always making me smile and laugh (even though he can make me really mad -- that's normal) and he's just perfect to me. always taking care of me. life is beyond perfect, it's unfair, the future is never certain, and can suckkkk -- but life is beautiful and i am still learning so much in my twenty somethings. it's crazy.

what's currently going on in your life?

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